The New Life: Discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind)- part-7 (Final)

The fact is that we are God, but we are misled by this shameless mind. The mind is so shameless that the more you wish to get rid of it, the more you become entangled in it – just as when you try to take out one foot from the mud, your other foot […]

The New Life: Discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind)-Part 6

Some Perfect Masters thought that the mind must be diverted if it is to be killed. Mind makes the ego say: “I am body.” Therefore, make the mind say: “I am not the body, I am not this, I am not that, I am God!” Now, this too is almost impossible, because mind has […]

The New Life: Discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind)-Part 5

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Some Perfect Masters chalked out ways of destroying the mind through mind itself – through meditation and concentration. When mind becomes concentrated, its further function is weakened, and the impressions wipe out themselves, because impressions are like worms and exhaust themselves. But this process of meditation and concentration makes Manonash […]

The New Life: Discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind)-Part 4

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The world and its activities are really speaking worthless. Actions continue, whether they are good or bad, and therefore the Perfect Masters said: “Act in such a way that the actions do not bind you and impressions are not created.” This is almost an impossible task, as about to be […]

The New Life: Discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind)-Part 3

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This jadu (magical spell) of sanskaras has bound you so tight that the more you try to come out, the more you get bound. Because mind has to be destroyed from its root, and who is to destroy it? Mind has to destroy itself. That is an impossible task. The very […]

The New Life: Discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind)-Part 2

Mind says: “Beware, she is your wife; they are your children; these are your things,” ad infinitum. Mind creates such types of impressions.

Therefore mind, which is made up of false impressions, makes the Real “I” think itself false. To think I am the body, I am young, old, I am a man, a […]

The New Life: Discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind)-Part 1

Baba with His lovers who participated in the Hyderabad meeting (June, 1951), Kohinoor Bungalow, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

[The following discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind) was given at that time. Baba called this Manonash phase of work (from 16 Oct 1951 to 15 Feb 1952) as ‘The God-determined step’. Manonash work started […]

NEWS: 65th Anniversary Program of Manonash work at Hyderabad, Khajaguda (Khojaguda), Hyderabad – 16 Oct 2016


Beloved Baba has started the significant work of Manonash (Annihilation of mind) in the cave during the New Life phase. He stayed in the cave from 16 Oct 1951 to 24th Oct 1951 for the Manonash seclusion work.

Sri. Shridhar Kelkar, Chairman of the AMBPPC Trust, Beloved Baba’s nephews Rustomji & Sohrabji […]

30 Oct 2012 – Discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind)- concluding part 8

Baba upon the Seclusion Hill, Meherazad


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[Baba started the Manonash work (the God-determined step) on 16 Oct 1951 at Khojaguda cave, Hyderabad and proceeded mostly on foot via Gulbarga, Aurangabad, Khuldabad, Imampur etc., to reach the Seclusion Hill (alias Manonash hill/Tembi hill) at Meherazad and concluded this work on […]