Maya awaits the opportunity to use your weaknesses

Knowing my love for you, Maya awaits the opportunity to use your weaknesses. The moment you neglect my instructions, Maya’s purpose is served. I have to put up a big fight with Maya – not to destroy it, but to make you aware of its nothingness. The moment you fail to obey me implicitly, […]

Distinction between Maya and Sanskaras


Baba then distinguished between Maya and sanskaras:

Suppose you are assailed by anger, lust and greed or any bad emotion or feeling. This is Maya’s work. But suppose you feel hungry, thirsty or sleepy, which is due to sanskaras. If you eat, drink and engage in innocent enjoyment, it is not wrong because […]

Truth is infinitely simple

When Baba had boarded the Circassia, he had glanced at the other passengers and remarked to Norina, “One sincere soul will be found among the many.” … Baba also met a few of the other passengers on board who expressed their desire to meet him. On November 18th, Baba gave this message […]

The only solution to escape from the powerful maya is to hold on to His feet tightly

People say that God created Maya, but that is not so. For example, take the hair on the head. The hair is Maya and the head is God, the Creator. Although the hair grows on the head, the head does not know how, why and where it comes from. Then how can it be […]

“Drive Maya away as soon and as forcibly as you would drive away a rabid dog!”

On 30 June, explaining to the mandali about maya, Baba expounded:

God as Ishwar uses maya and her attributes to conduct the affairs of the universe, whereas Paramatma is far, far beyond Ishwar and uses only Dnyan — that all-pervading Power, that Source from which all other powers emanate. The Sadguru uses maya […]

Awake Dream State to Real Awake State


Baba then gave a discourse entitled, Awake Dream State to Real Awake State (originally printed in The Everything and The Nothing) and ended by stating:

The law of karma is impartial and inexorable. It knows no concessions, gives no preferences, makes no exceptions. It dispenses justice. By the divine law you are shielded […]

“Remain in Maya but do not get enmeshed in it”

During this brief visit to Madras, Baba explained about Maya to Sampath Aiyangar:

It is like this: If a person wants to take the pearl from the bottom of the ocean, then he should not shout at the pearl to come up while he sits on the beach. If he really wants […]

“The greatest lesson that this war has taught to all of us is the futility of false values in life”

Later that day, January 6th, Baba remarked about the [Second world] war and India:

The greatest lesson that this war has taught to all of us is the futility of false values in life, such as wealth, property, possessions, et cetera, which have no consideration or value at all when life itself is at […]

God and Maya


Baba called all together the next day, and gave an explanation on God and Maya, which answered their question. Some, however, did mention to Baba that by his extending the period of his not speaking and seclusion, his opponents would have an excuse to stir up all sorts of false publicity about him.


Worry not about the temporary but long for the Real


In a letter to Delia DeLeon on January 11th, Baba wrote:

Tell your mother not to worry over money or the fear of war. I will look after all who are mine wherever they are. Long for what is real. You will then have no time for worrying over what may never happen. […]