Personal effort required for complete manifestation of the Divine spark of love

Baba: “Some time ago, I had implanted a spark of Love in the hearts of some of the boys as well as in a few amongst the elder disciples, which makes you see this surprising result these days. With a mere touch, or a look, Saints can give indescribable thrills and novel experiences to […]

20121124 – I shall make pure gold from your mixed alloy


The next morning around ten-thirty, Baba explained to the boys:

At first, it was my intention to advance you gradually on the path, but considering the spiritual outburst that takes place in the world during certain ages, I have changed my mind as that time is very near. From among you boys, I […]

20121122 – Godliness is on auction – only real love unlocks the treasure store


After each discourse, Baba would urge the Prem Ashram boys:

“Love me and you will realize me. I am ready to make you like Vivekananda, Ramtirth, Ali and Arjuna. The price I ask is only love. Spirituality is being plundered here, but only real love unlocks the treasure store.

20121121 – How to search for God

Baba with Meher Ashram school children


On November 25th, Meher Baba discoursed to the ashram boys about love for God:

God is within you and you have to search for Him within. But how can you search? By trying to create love for Him in your heart. Once a person’s feet […]

20121120 – Baba explains the progression of evolution in simple terms to Ashram boys



[Baba started Meher Ashram school for boys in 1927 at Meherabad. He explained spirituality in simple terms to the boys. Later Baba picked some of the ‘gems’ from this school and started ‘Prem Ashram’.

Explaining the objective, Baba said: “”I want to impart spiritual education which is obtained without any study [worldly […]