Miracles and Spiritual Healing – Part 2 (Final)

But even miracles, in the last analysis, are illusory, even as every happening of this world is illusory. There can be no special point in producing some petty imitation illusions in the mighty Infinite Illusion already created by God. The healing of physical or mental suffering can be achieved through the exercise of supernatural […]

Miracles and Spiritual Healing – Part 1

When people suffer physically or mentally, individually or collectively, they want immediate relief from that suffering. All over the world, man’s strife is subject to the opposites of pain and pleasure. Man does all he can to avoid the former, and he does all he can to have the latter. But he cannot always […]

Baba’s Real Grace!

A blind boy, who had arrived in Dhanauri while Baba was giving mass darshan, groped his way through the crowd and came to the dais. Guiding him, some people took him by the arm and brought him before Baba, who handed him prasad. When darshan was over, Baba headed toward the village of Banda. […]

The Spiritually Perfect do not use psychic powers for themselves


With the onset of cool, damp, autumn weather in Cannes, Baba’s health noticeably suffered. On Sunday, October 31st, one of the remaining Westerners asked Baba, “Why does a Master fall ill and make use of medicine?”

In reply, Baba stated:

The West differs from the East in its ideal of spiritual perfection. The […]

20130602 – Miracles result in disaster

Rustom further said, “Baba, you should raise an incredible tower here in one night, higher and grander, than the Kutub Minar in Delhi. If you do it, millions would come to you and accept you as a Perfect Master – God in human form. How will people believe in you without your proving […]

20130410 – You must try your hardest to hold on to the feet of Baba – part 2 (final)



You take food with your mouth, digest it and pass the excrement through your rectum. You know this. But does a stone know what is a mouth and what is a rectum? You would never try to eat with your rectum; it would be despicable to try to do such a thing. […]

20130409 – You must try your hardest to hold on to the feet of Baba – part 1

Explaining about miracles, Baba pointed out:

It is child’s play for a Sadguru to make the dead come alive, and it is of no importance to him as he has to work for the whole universe. He works only at the proper time for the good of the world. A rupee coin is shown […]