What is meant by giving up ones life – Part 4 (Final)

Reflecting back on the mechanical aspect, Baba stated:

If you are always conscious of keeping the Master’s will, and the consciousness is not disturbed by the slightest thought, then it is not mechanical. But this is impossible without the grace of the Perfect Master. Even to understand that the Master’s pleasure is your pleasure […]

What is meant by giving up ones life – Part 3


Those highly advanced in spiritual life never test anyone. They know whether the person concerned would do it or not. Therefore, the Perfect Ones have no “will.” When he himself (the Perfect Master) is in everyone, his work itself is his will. Those who are mindful of it, their every word, their every […]

What is meant by giving up ones life – Part 2

Baba asked Nilu what his reactions would be under these three circumstances. Nilu replied, “I will accept being a king in Persia and a sweeper in Africa, but I would not like to beg.”

“Have you any responsibility left?” Baba asked him, and emphasized, “It is not love if you have not relinquished all […]

What is meant by giving up ones life – Part 1


Baba repeated a verse from Hafiz about giving up life for the sake of the Beloved, explaining:

By saying so, Hafiz never meant giving up life itself, for instance, by cutting one’s throat. He was referring to giving up one’s will, which is one hundred percent impossible. He who gives it up realizes […]

Everything will be all right if you only think of my wish



DURING THIS PERIOD, Savak Damania of Akbar Press, who was now age thirty, had been in Baba’s contact since his childhood and was engaged to marry Eruch’s sister Meheru. Savak had a friend named Homi Pavri, who wanted to meet Meher Baba. Savak wrote to Baba at Lonavla, and Baba permitted them […]

Obedience is above love

On the evening of December 8, when Baba was on his usual rounds of inspection, he gave a candid explanation on divine intoxication and obedience to a Master’s orders. Baba explained the difference between the two states with this simile:

The diamond or pearl is costly and valuable indeed, but they have absolutely no […]

Love always seeks happiness of the Beloved

After lunch on May 19th in Nasik, Baba offered mangoes to some of the group. Some declined, saying their stomachs were too upset to eat a mango. Baba did not like this and spelled out:

What does not come spontaneously never comes! How many of you refused, how many of you hesitated, […]

Devotees should lean only on Baba but not on each other

About weaknesses, Baba explained to women:

Those devotees who have similar weaknesses, similar self-seeking, apparently love each other and apparently do not love the others. But what results is bad. The slavish tendency of depending on moods creeps in.

How? Take Norina for example who loves me as her Beloved, and […]

20130520 – On obeying Baba’s orders

In the evening of February 7th, Baba gave an explanation to the mandali about obeying his orders:

Suppose A comes to me at noon and says that he is thirsty and that I should give him a cold drink, considering the weather conditions and time. Now suppose B comes at night in cold, chilly […]

20130120 – If you try to obey, then it is not disobidence


One of the group asked, “What if we want to obey, but for some reason are not able to do so physically or mentally?”

If you want to obey, then it is not disobedience. If, for instance, I say fly and you cannot, it is not disobedience, but you must try to fly! […]