Importance of steady mind and being one-pointed

On Wednesday, 18 December 1929, two Germans named Victor Stomps and Phillip Bobl came to Nasik for Baba’s darshan. They were interested in Buddhism and were traveling in India. The next day, Baba advised Victor, “Go to Italy; there you will find a Buddhist who is a devotee of mine. He is advanced […]

20130607 – Stick to the Emperor and don’t leave him for any reason! – Part 2 (Final)


Stick to the Emperor and don’t leave him for any reason! I am in everyone; but if you catch hold of me, you will have the root of all creation in your hands. Then you will not need to go after the branches and leaves.

If you are lucky enough […]

20130606 – Stick to the Emperor and don’t leave him for any reason! – Part 1

Pleader was in the habit of visiting different saints and sadhus, and to caution him against doing this, Baba advised him:

Do not be after gatekeepers or watchmen; catch hold of the Emperor! Never be after his servants; no minister or secretary will help. A king is, after all, a king, and his servants, […]

20130227 – Cry out from the depths of your heart to see God

Back in November 1938, Consuella de Sides had come to see Baba in India; but she also paid visits to other gurus while there. It was in reference to this bad habit of visiting other spiritual personalities that Baba advised her on May 16th at 4:10 P.M.:

You are one of my most intimate […]

20121114 -By holding firmly to the feet of only one Master, your aim is achieved


One night, a scorpion bit Homi (Gustadji’s brother) and the whole night he was in pain. The mantras did not help him, so at one point he began screaming, “O Meher Baba! O Meher Baba!” After a few minutes, he shouted, “O Sai Baba! Sai Baba!” Then he called out, “O Babajan! Babajan!” […]

20121113 -The whole world exists on Meher Baba’s name – part 2 (final)



Even after meeting Meher Baba, Kotwal continued to visit gurus, sadhus and other holy men – one in particular was named Jiyagi Baba. When Kotwal next visited, Meher Baba informed him, “Jiyagi Baba has not even reached the atmosphere of the spiritual world. Leave him alone. Those who know the Emperor have […]

20121112 -The whole world exists on Meher Baba’s name – part 1

That day, Baba also had a private meeting with Savak Kotwal. Although just twenty five years old, Kotwal was a genuine seeker and had previously contacted Upasni Maharaj, Narayan Maharaj and Hazrat Babajan. He came to see Meher Baba because someone in Poona had told him that the Irani Guru at Arangaon was the […]

25 Aug 2012 – The benefit is according to the degree of faith and longing for darshan


In late April, Baba again entered a seclusion. He was in the underground crypt and gave orders that no one was to be sent up the hill. One day, three groups of visitors unexpectedly came to Meherabad for Baba’s darshan. The first group was a large number of Parsis from Bombay […]

14 Aug 2012 – Vishnu’s steadfastness

(This incident happened during the New Life period)

That same morning, entering the companions’ hut at seven o’clock, Baba warned, “Everyone should remain cheerful under all conditions and circumstances, and should never lose their temper or get annoyed.” Turning to Eruch, he asked, “Would you feel anything if news were received that your mother had […]