Thinking only of Baba makes one ready for His work

[More than three hundred lovers were called for a meeting at Meherabad, 7-9 Nov, 1952 for planning mass darshans during the Fiery Free Life. Addressing them, Baba said:]

… Whether I give you work or no work, leave you alone or keep you engaged, I want all of you to stop all other thoughts […]

20130617 – Heros conquer mind

Baba met with people until two in the morning, giving a discourse on divine love to Jamshed Mehta and praising the selfless service he was doing in Karachi. Baba then stated: Real worship is within – inside the heart – not in the outward muttering of words. To enter the spiritual […]

20130421 – On Intelligence, thinking and imagination

At Shahane’s house on March 25th, Meher Baba gave the following discourse on intelligence – the use of knowledge by the mind in the state of thinking:

Intelligence not thinking is unconsciousness and may be likened to sound sleep. Thinking and imagination are latent in intelligence. When intelligence thinks of Itself, it realizes Its […]

20130401 – The worries and troubles of the world are due to thoughts

Hafiz has compared the body with a pot, the soul with smoke, and the sanskaras with a huge stone lying on top of the pot. For all its attempts, how can the smoke ever succeed in removing and throwing off the stone? For this, a sage must come and lift it away.

Similarly, a […]