Violence and Non-Violence – Part 6 (Final)


Defending the weak is an important form of selfless service and it is a part of karma yoga; and use of force, when necessary for this purpose, stands completely justified as an indispensable instrument for securing the desired objective. But any such fighting which may have to be undertaken to defend the weak […]

Violence and Non-Violence – Part 5

The case of fighting against an aggressive nation (situation three) is also interesting and instructive. Here the fighting which is involved in offering resistance to the aggression of the nation with no selfish motive or personal interest, but solely with the purpose of defending the weaker nation, may entail much injury and even destruction […]

Violence and Non-Violence – Part 4


A detailed analysis of the case of the hit on the drowning man (situation one) shows that though it involves the use of force without the prior consent of the person on whom it is exerted, the force used is ultimately used with the motive of saving the man’s life. The situation includes […]

Violence and Non-Violence – Part 3

Fourth situation of killing a mad-dog: Suppose a mad dog has run amuck and is likely to bite school children, and the teachers in this school kill the mad dog in order to protect the children. This destruction of the mad dog does imply violence, but there is no hatred in it.

Fifth situation […]

Violence and Non-Violence – Part 2


Meher Baba’s message continued by describing five recurrent situations of human suffering and violence.

First situation of helping a drowning man: Suppose a man who does not know how to swim has fallen into a lake and is drowning. And there is nearby another person who is good at swimming and who wants […]

Violence and Non-Violence – Part 1

[Here is a series of messages Beloved Baba has given on the equation of individual to society in general, related to the topic of Non-violence. Later Baba discusses and analyses five representative scenarios as instructive examples for our understanding —admin/webmaster]

Man has a tendency to cling to catchwords and allow his action to be […]