20130426 – Consequence of ignoring Baba’s warning – part 2 (final)

The police superintendent Turekar again came to Baba with tears in his eyes. His family problems had not abated. Baba consoled him, “Why worry? Be courageous. Think more and more of me. Don’t wear yourself out. I know your love for me and the circumstances you are put in. Thank me for the suffering […]

20130425 – Consequence of ignoring Baba’s warning – part 1

A POLICEMAN, S. M. Turekar came with his wife to meet Baba. When he saw Baba, tears of repentance fell from his eyes. He was an old lover and now a deputy superintendent of police. There were two reasons for his sorrow. Baba had instructed him to be honest, but he became corrupted and […]