One of the group attending Darwin's talk was a graduate student in the department of social relations named Allan Y. Cohen, 24. After meeting Darwin, Allan became interested in Baba and began reading about him. On 29 September, he wrote to Kitty in Myrtle Beach, describing his experiences with LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide). On a beautiful inviting day, Cohen had gone to an open field in the woods with Baba's Discourses and had taken the drug. He wrote:

It was delightful, ecstatic and as close to God-realization as my consciousness (it was no longer I, of course), that is, my ego, can remember. Now, I really can't judge what level the experience was at but afterwards it sounded much the same as the Soul facing the infinite (while still considering itself finite).

Now about these psychedelic (mind-changing) drugs such as LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin. I don't know if you are acquainted with them, their effects or the controversy surrounding them. I know I would never have seen Meher Baba if it were not for my work with these drugs. They allow an indefinite period of superconsciousness, expanded consciousness, ego death, etc. (Not automatically, of course, but with the right set and setting.)

Although the drugs are used in psychotherapeutic, educational and downright low-level contexts, it is beginning to be clear to me that their most appropriate use is in attaining spiritual freedom (or at least helping one to see the path). I get the feeling also, that the existence of these drugs (actually natural chemicals found in common plants) is not a random occurrence, and their increased impact may well be a significant step in loosening up our distorted culture (at worst) and in increasing the drive toward spiritual freedom (at best)....

In my reasonably humble opinion, though, the feasibility of this type of experience, is one of the most exciting prospects in freeing oneself and man (concomitant with the path of love and service of course). One might liken it to a technique, such as meditation ... which can break through our ego's "games" and traps extremely efficiently.